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Beauty Programs

What makes Beauty Beauty School so special? You’ll gain:

  • Know-how and hands-on training

  • Fundamentals & advanced techniques

  • Ability to master haircutting, hair styling, and hair coloring

  • And much more...

Our programs are designed to be engaging and fun while helping you to develop the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed.

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Enter the beauty field working as a Hair Stylist, Skin Care Specialist, Makeup Artist, Studio Hairdresser, etc.


We educate you on the latest trends in esthetics and skin care where you can work virtually anywhere 

Nail Specialty

Nail artists are in demand, and a career in nail artistry is creative and innovative.    


Waxing is a high-demand service that helps men and women achieve a clean, hair-free look.


BBI has comprehensive and complete courses. We not only teach basic hairdressing skills, but also offer the popular classes in Japan anion straight hair, tattoo license classes, elementary cosmetic skin care classes, advanced professional cosmetic skin care classes, bridal gown, and advanced hair stylist make-up classes and further-study classes in order to meet student interests and market demand. 

In addition, for students who have intention for higher level, engaging in self-management, or opening stores, we also offer appropriate programs, such as beauty spa operations courses and provide relevant training internship.


*    Beauty Beauty International School is a New York State Department of Education licensed institution.


*   Our school offers Beauty Hairdressing and Cosmetology Course (1000 hours), Esthetics Specialist Course (600 hours), Manicure Specialist Course (250 hours), Hair Removal Specialist Course (75 hours).


*    Beauty Hairdressing and Manicure License Course is available in Chinese, English, and Vietnamese.


*    Students pass the exam will be awarded a professional beautician, hairdresser or a professional nail professional qualification certificate.

Upon completion of all the requirements of the course, students will be ready to take the state board exams. You can choose Chinese, English or Spanish version of the exam. If the exam is passed, students will earn a professional beautician, hairdresser or a professional manicure qualification license.

Licensed and Accredited

Beauty Beauty International School has been Licensed by the New York State Education Department's Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) which oversees and monitors non-degree granting proprietary schools in NYS.

Proprietary schools under BPSS jurisdiction include trade and business schools, computer training facilities, and for-profit English as a Second Language (ESL) schools. These schools provide education and job training tailored to the adult population.

The mission of BPSS is to ensure consumer protection; to promote increasing educational competence, high standards, accountability, and integrity within the proprietary school section; and to implement monitoring and oversight with fairness and equity.

All components of a school’s operation are reviewed and approved through BPSS, including ownership, financial resources, teaching and administrative personnel, curriculum and marketing materials. BPSS also works with various organizations and accrediting agencies to share the best industry practices.

BPSS works in coordination with various local, state and federal agencies to ensure that schools are safely operating in accordance to regulation, using industry standard equipment, and that public tuition funds are appropriated correctly. BPSS offers a high level of consumer protection due to its complaint resolution process and tuition protection fund.

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