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Cosmetology General Course

Zoom and in-person classes now available 

1000 Hours

Tuition: $2,900

Book & Kit: $550

Registration Fee(non-refundable): $50

Total: $3,550

Semester term:29 Weeks - 1000 Hours

Start Date:Every month 

We are accepting registration appointments!

 Beauty Hairdressing and Manicure License Course

The licensed professional cosmetologist has always been in great demand. Do you want to become a Haircutter, Master Hairstylist, Expert Colorist, EstheticianMakeup Artist, or Nail Technician? Our 1000-hour Hairdressing & Cosmetology courses are taught by New York State certified instructors and will fully prepare you to take the New York State exam.

Beauty Beauty International School provides a solid foundation to begin your career in the field of Hairdressing & Cosmetology. With the education you receive here, your opportunities are endless!

In order to shape the international professional beautician, we create courses from the most basic cytology, dermatology, product learning, such as facial body of theoretical knowledge to a variety of instruments, International method massage, hot and cold stone therapy, aromatherapy massage, spa, pedicure, open back, and ovarian maintenance.

The daily schedule for the full time program is:

Monday-Friday, from 10:00am to 5:00pm.




The student is given a through understanding of the rules and regulations of the school, salon and the Cosmetology State Laws.


In this module students learn the local city, state and federal laws regarding health and safety in a Salon. The student learns the understanding of the importance of preventing the growth of germs or destroying them entirely when possible, particularly    those responsible for infections and communicable diseases. Bacteria is studied so students can understand its different classifications, causes and phrases.


Students are taught the proper procedures on shampooing and rinsing hair.


In this module students are instructed in the treatment of the scalp and hair problems.


Students learn the proper techniques in the various methods of cutting and shaping hair.


Students learn to identify the different types of hair structure, texture, how to test hair by using the hair porosity test and the elasticity test.


In this module the student is be taught how to do a consultation with the client, prepare the client, mix color, apply lightener, toner, normalizing conditioner, powder bleach, oil bleach, give a retouch, streak hair, tint hair, do touch ups and apply temporary color.


Students are taught how to prepare the client, analyze hair and the scalp, shampoo the hair, section hair in basic wrap pattern and directional wrap pattern, book wrap hair, flat wrap hair, apply processing solution, make a test curl, neutralize hair and give spiral waves.


Students are taught the basic procedures in how to straighten hair.


Students are given hands on experience in learning the art and techniques of individual hairstyling.


The main objective in this module is to add emphasis to the clients more attractive facial features and to diminish less attractive characteristics. Consideration is given to the structure of the clients face, eye color, skin tone, and hair color and clients preference.


During this course the student is introduced to services provided by the manicurist which include massage and various manicuring techniques. The student will be taught the basic purpose of a manicure, which is to improve the appearance of the hands and nails.


During this module the student is given the knowledge of pedicuring as the care of the feet, toes and toenails.


Students are taught how to work with Wigs, shampoo, cur, curl, dye etc.


Students learn product merchandising and retailing of products and services. They are taught the technical skills necessary for salon business.

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