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FARAH Beauty Specialist 法拉美 SkinCare/BodyCare Tr./ Products



FARAH是德國專業生技研究團隊,結合來自全歐洲對於皮膚醫學、生長基因、生物科技的專家群,共同研發預防及老化逆轉之產品,針對各種外在及環境因素造成敏感或老化肌膚的損害所設計,並以超世代的美容概念重新調整閣下的肌膚。    FARAH的全系列商品均以歐盟標準於法国生產並原裝進口,頂級完整的配方及專業熱忱的咨詢顧問,必能滿足低調奢華的您。





FARAH COSMETIC line has been an innovator in cosmetic care for many years. When it comes to the area of cosmetics care, FARAH COSMETICS has had special achievements in formulating special facial methods and beauty massage techniques.FARAH COSMETIC treatment especially tackles skin problems and the results of poor skin care. Highly effective ingredients consisting of CARVIA D.N.A., VITAMIN C, VITAMIN A, BETA GLUCAN, CSIII, ARGIRELINE, and ACETYL HEXAPEPIDE 3, stimulate the skin’s own response, because self-help is the best repair mechanism. The moisturizing complexes refresh and replenish depleted moisture reserves and ensure a fresh wrinkle-free skin. Vitamin complexes give the skin the ingredients that it needs to revitalize. Collagens give elasticity to the skin when there is an acute deficiency. CARVIAR D.N.A. BEAUTY AND WELLNESS AGING REDUCING TREATMENT, VITAMIN C FACE LIFTING TREAMENT, and ASA PEELING TREATMENT are the renovations in facial methods.



FARAH concentrate series are especially designed for the needs of different skin type; each product contains a variety of high quality raw materials from Europe. For example: Caviar, collagen, elastin, hexapeptides, Caviar DNA, moisturizing factor, whitening factor, vitamin C, salicylic acid, allantoin, panthenol, zinc, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, etc. Each product is strictly tested. Each serie can be used with 





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