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Gathered Chinese, Hong Kong, American and French Famous International Instructing Team



Instructors share all knowledge from their decades of independent work experiences, superb skills and valuable gains.

Professional and Responsible Instructors. Multi-language and Friendly Courses.

B.B.I. has a talented staff, advanced equipment and formal teachings. President Cindy Chen graduated from South China Normal University. Vice president Ganquan Tan graduated from Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

Our school’s leadership is well educated in beauty professions. Instructor team is even the head of the most famous hair design group in beauty industry in New York. They all share knowledge from their decades of independent work experiences, superb skills and valuable gains. They aim to answer all students’ doubts and help them quickly achieve courses’ main points.



Spacious and Comfortable Learning Space, Advanced and Constantly Upgraded Equipment

Learn Knowledge & Practice Skills

We upgrade equipment every year so that students get access to basic equipment in beauty industry as well as learn operating skills. This allows them to easily get into professional beauty salons after graduation. We provide services that other general beauty institutions cannot reach.

Facing Customers. Actual Operation. Specialized internship makes you a Skillful Master



Learn Knowlege & Practice Skills

Opportunities to be interns of Large-Scale Beauty and Hair Salons

Our school offers internships for students as actual practice, therefore they can build a solid fundamental knowledge base. In addition to sufficient in-school practices, we arrange graduated students to work at numerous large beauty salons, including Sasa Beauty, La Peau Skincare Center, Joean Spa Beauty & Hair Salon, Ling Skincare, and etc. Under the guidance of professional experts, students are able to directly face customers and provide services. These enable students to be a needed professional masters in the beauty industry.


Earn professional cosmetology, hairstyling, manicuring registration certificates lead you to well-paid jobs or even open your own store

Well Paid Jobs, Start Your Own Business, Earn Certificates

Dreams Come True

Attending B.B.I.



Chinese instructing courses and interview are available, make it more convenient to earn certificates for new immigrants.


More complete and comprehensive courses are available now. Our school have basic cosmetology and hairstyling courses, as well as other popular courses such as Japanese style hair straighten course, eyebrow tattooing course, elementary cosmetic and skincare course, advanced cosmetic and skincare course, wedding cosmetic and dressing course, and etc.

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