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Beauty Beauty International School's Semi-Permanent Makeup Master Class is recommended by World Journal.

Faculty of Beauty Beauty International School receives Certificate of Merit from New York State Assembly.

Beauty Beauty International School celebrates their eighth anniversary and graduation ceremony for students.

Beauty Beauty International School celebrates their eighth anniversary and graduation ceremony for students.

Beauty Beauty International School attends 2018 Village Halloween Parade with students.

New York World Journal Interviewing B.B.I.

Make All Efforts to Teach New Immigrants to Make a Living, Get a Job and Start a Business



Unemployment population is increasing in current America. Upcoming economic prospect is ambiguous yet people have to face the moment when reconstructing market, dilemmas, and revival all come together. In view of this, Beauty Beauty International School (B.B.I.) starts several courses and welcomely accept students, significantly tutoring new immigrants to learn skills on making livings, starting business and pursuing American dream.

Beauty Beauty International School was created in 2010, filed with the Department of Eduction, issued for the New York State license, with the slogan "Attend beauty beauty, more beauty tomorrow." 

Cindy Chen, the president who is in charge of school, was graduated from South China Normal University, engaged in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She witnessed the U.S. industries moving overseas; human power was replaced by computer and machinery that directly and indirectly impacted on Asian traditional labor-intensive industries. Such as laundry, clothing industry and even catering industry were declining and were confronted with the bottlenecks of transformation and upgrading. In addition, the economic depressed due to the earlier financial storm. All these factors impelled President Chen to shift focus to beauty industry, which entry barrier was not high but required professional license. She explained, whenever people opened a newspaper job advertisement, it was not difficult to find out that beauty recruitment advertisements occupied a lot of space; it showed that beauty industry had a great developing potential which really could be work at.


As we all know, the U.S. is a nation of laws. According to the New York State Law, beauty industry practitioners legally must hold a professional license issued by the state capital. Otherwise, there will be a fine of $500 for first offense, $1000 for recidivism and $2500 after. Because of this law, it is necessary for a beauty practitioner to possess a professional license, and it is also a guarantee of obtaining a stable job with higher pay.


For those who intend to join the beauty industry, you can take various professional courses if you have a high school diploma. At present, the Beauty Beauty School offers below related courses:

  • Beauty Hairdressing and Manicuring Course (1000 hours)

  • Beauty Specialist Course (600 hours)

  • Manicuring Specialist Course (250 hours)

  • Hair Removal Specialist Course (75 hours)

  • Beauty Hairdressing and Manicuring license Course

All these courses will be teached in Chinese, English, Spanish or other languages. Whenever a student finish all required courses, the School will assign a specialist to accompany with the student to take the license exam. Exams are available in Chinese, English and Spanish. You will obtain a qualification certificate once you passed the exam.


Beauty Beauty International School covers nearly 5,000 square feet, which belongs to Beauty Beauty International Group. There are four subsidiary companies under the group, which operates beauty salon, beauty equipment, cosmetics and so forth. Because of the high-tech and well-equipped teaching facilities, Beauty Beauty International School becomes the most outstanding leader among Chinese beauty schools. 

The school is currently carrying expensive beauty facilities, optical instruments and different kinds of fitness equipments.  These excellent high-tech beauty facilities included laser radio frequency energy machines that do treatment on skin tightening, wrinkle removing and fat reducing; ultrasound radio frequency machines that do treatment on facelift and fat reduce; intense pulsed light cold laser liposuction lift machines; infrared radio frequency machines that work on fat burn and tighten; as well as intense pulsed light slimming treatment devices. The school also carries different kind of skincare products such as EPS-France, ELENE-France, and FARAH-Germany. Instructors can demonstrate how the products and devices work, and students can learn and have experience with the devices right away. This exercise builds up the experience and future for people who are approaching for senior beautician jobs.


Principal Chen fully understand that teacher is the heart and soul figure for a successful lesson. In order to have outstanding students, having outstanding and excellent teacher is a must. Therefore, the school chose the experts among the most prestigious beauty group and hair design group to from a professional expert team. They will share their valuable skills and experience. All of the professional instructors have more than 10 years of experience on their field. All of them are willing to teach the students without any selfishness and pass their knowledge to all of their students. They are also willing to direct and solve any student's difficulties together to prevent students falling into a misleading path. So then, students can learn quickly and grab the essentials of the lessons. At the same time, the school also arrange graduated students to intern and participate in large beauty solon chain outside of the campus. This opportunity provides students the chance to get in touch with the customers face-to-face and real experience in the field, which help students to become talent beauty professionals in the market.



Beauty Beauty International School Address: 41 7th Avenue South, G/F, New York, NY 10014

                                                                              (Subway A/B/C/D/E/F/M to W 4th Street, Wash Sq)

Tel. 212-343-1983 / 0513

Fax. 212-343-1984 / 2681


Wechat ID: xkrs212


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