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School Environment

Our Educational Goals:

Serve the Community,
Train to be Beauty Professions, 
Increase Job Opportunities, 
Encourage Economies.
 the Community,

Beauty Beauty International School

Our school improves cosmetology industry, encourages further studies for current beauty workers, instructs the most advanced international technologies accompanies with the most advanced Europe-importing equipments.

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Serving Chinese community for over 20 years, B.B.I. uses its profession and market relationship to found this institution from decades of efforts. President Cindy Chen indicates that after the economic depressed due to the earlier financial storm, laundry, clothing industry and even catering industry were declining and were confronted with the bottlenecks of transformation and upgrading. U.S. economies are strived to cheer, however unemployment population still increases. This market intensively needs a new industry to be inspired, and this is the reason why beauty industry emerges.

*    Beauty Beauty International School is licensed by the New York Education Department

*    Our school offers Beauty Hairdressing and Manicure Course (1000 hours), Beauty Specialist Course (600 hours), Manicure Specialist Course (250 hours), Hair Removal Specialist Course (75 hours).


*    Beauty Hairdressing and Manicure license Course is available in Chinese, English, and other languages.


*   Students pass the exam will be awarded a professional beautician, hairdresser or a professional nail professional qualification certificates.


Upon completion of all the requirements of the course, our school will send experts to accompany to the examination room. You can choose Chinese, English or Spanish version of the exam. If the exam is passed, students will earn a professional beautician, hairdresser or a professional manicure qualification certificate.

High Quality Cosmetology Education

Beauty Beauty students receive a high-quality cosmetology education, led by our seasoned instructors and aided by our friendly faculty and staff. We prepare all students to pass their State Board examination. We give all students the foundation to build a successful career and master the art and craft of cosmetology. 

We offer full-time and part-time programs for our busy students.

Beyond the Classroom

Beauty Beauty goes beyond the classroom and incorporates events to enhance students' training and education through fundraising activities, humanitarian programs, outreach services, career networking opportunities, and much more.

Our students and teachers also form bonds with the community through volunteer work at senior centers like United Senior Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and Open Doors Senior Center in Chinatown. We also have attended Ms. Chinese American Beauty Pageant competitions to assist contestants with styling their hair and makeup looks. The students are able to play a small role in helping contestants look their best in the spotlight. This gives our students a great opportunity to learn working behind the scenes as a stylist in such a grand production.

Beauty Beauty School Director

Well-known instructors from America, China, Hong Kong  

International Famous   Instructor Team

Beauty Beauty International School leaders have been to professional beauty training. All instructors in this team are currently of the most well-known Beauty and Hair Designed Group in New York. 



Over 10 Years of Market Competing Experience

Learn &Intern at the same time

Beauty Enterprising is not just a Dream 


School has spent approximately over 300 thousand dollars to purchase the most high-tech beauty dervices and facilities for teaching. Improvement on those dervices and facilities would be done every year, as well as the amount of facilities would be increased continuously in the future. Therefore, students have the opportunities to learn the most high-tech facilities and experience technical operation of the facilites.

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