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Our Story

Beauty Beauty International School was originally founded in 2010, continues to dedicate its efforts and resources to creating opportunities for people to improve their lives through learning new skills.

Beauty Beauty has maintained its tradition of training future beauty professionals for rewarding futures in the beauty industry.

Beauty Beauty International School is committed to helping our students realize their full potential and achieve their greatest professional ambitions through:

 - Hands-on training provided by experienced professionals to develop students with       natural skills.

 - Exposing our students to the best products and newest techniques.

 - Preparing students for the beauty industry, the business world, and life.

Best of all, you can balance your work, school and family life through our flexible, part or full-time scheduling options.

Cindy Chen is responsible for the supervision and day-to-day business operations of Beauty Beauty Int'l Inc., a beauty supply company that specializes in the latest beauty equipment technology from many countries. She is also the director of Beauty Beauty International School, a New York State licensed multi-lingual school for appearance enhancement. We offer multiple programs including Hairdressing & Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Waxing, with courses available in multiple languages. Under the leadership of Ms. Chen, Beauty Beauty International School has expanded rapidly in the past few years. 

Ms. Chen received her Teaching Education degree from South China Normal University in 1988 and subsequently taught high school history in Guangdong, China. In the early 1990s, Ms. Chen began her new endeavor in the beauty industry. She attended her first professional cosmetologist training school in Hong Kong. Ms. Chen then continued her advanced esthetician training courses in Taiwan and Europe. She also received her professional certifications from France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

To sum up Ms. Chen's two decades of experience in the beauty profession: beauty is her passion, and teaching is her dream.

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